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Thursday, April 15, 2010


The new number plate arrived today so that was the first job for this evening's session. It seems to have a very subtle "glittery" sort of finish which I can't say I care for too much. Other than that though, it's the usual high quality stuff from Also arriving today was a parcel from Wemoto - the new handlebars. Look exactly like the old ones, but shinier, lol.

Then two things annoyed me. First up was the fact that I couldn't find the chain-tensioner bolts. I've ripped that garage apart and they're nowhere to be found. And worse than that is the fact that I can't find any substitute bolts out of the thousands that I've got stashed in the garage. Grrrrr!!!

To make matters worse (in a good sort of way), I found a brand new heavy duty chain and sprocket set that I'd forgotten I'd bought! Dammit, the rear wheel had to come off which inevitably meant that I'd mark the new paint on the brake plate - and yes, I did.  Anyway, I fitted the new kit and then attached the chainguard. That's about it for tonight. Oh yes, I also applied a few more light coats of satin black to the brake master cylinder throughout the course of the night and I fitted and routed the engine breather hose.

On Saturday morning, I've got a skip arriving and I'm gonna totally blitz the garage! Everything that hasn't been used for more than a couple of years is being binned - I don't care what the wife says! In fact, she won't be here this weekend, so she's not even got a say in the matter. When that job's done, it'll give me lots more working space and I can get the dump much better organised. Looking forward to it!


krazyjuicedan said...

Hi the bikes looking great mate, how did you get the black plasic mud guard and black part of the cowl looking so good? My rear end is grey. Very grey.

MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Dan. The rear seat cowl was painted, as were the tank and side-panels. The rear mudguard was thoroughly cleaned in hot soapy water and then I applied a coat of vinyl dressing.

Having said that, if your fender is VERY light grey (a direct result of the sun's bleaching action), then there's little you can do to resolve it. Some people rub fire grate blacking in and it's quite effective, but not very long lasting!


The Old Nail said...

"There's a skip coming this weekend"

About bloody time!

"I don't car what the wife says, in fact she won't be here this weekend"

Pure coincidence I'm sure lol.

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