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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I could have sworn that I'd already ordered a new number plate for the 250 because it's always the very first thing I do with a new bike, but after searching high and low, I couldn't find one so I ordered another.

In the "COMMENTS" section of this post, Matt is stuck with part of his rewire. Below is a diagram of the main harness showing approximate routing but there's still some twists and turns to take. If anyone wants to ask questions, refer to the number in red to indicate which part of the loom is troubling you and I'll email you some pix of my routing/connections.


matt said...

Hi, please can you tell me where i can find a diagram/s of how the wiring loom fits to the bike? Im almost there but there are a few wires i'm not sure own fault for not taking enough photos! Any advice will be great, many thanks and a great job! matt

MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Matt!
Email some photos to of the wiring which is troubling you (with a general explanation of the area if not obvious) and I will send pix back to you explaining how to route/connect them.



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