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Saturday, April 17, 2010


You think you've lost something, but you haven't really. What you're searching for is sat right there under your nose. It's just waiting for you to order a replacement and then it'll pop right up! Take the chain-tensioner bolts for example; I order replacements on Friday and the old ones turn up today. I order a new number plate and the one I'd already bought turns up. Hey ho!

And then right at the back of the garage, I found this...


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
Its coming along. Tried to start mine today, no go! Just a nice clicking from the solenoid but no power to the starter. Knackered starter solenoid I think so have just order a new one.

Still it gave me time to start on the 550F. Got the head off and had a look inside the engine.

I wish my garage was as big as yours! no room to swing a cat in mine. Its amazing what you find hidden away behind all the crap!!!!



MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Ian,
Hope you get your starting problem sorted - I have one of those problems too!

The garage feels GREAT now that I've sorted it all out. Should have done it BEFORE the 250 arrived. Gonna get that little Kawasaki running as the next project.


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