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Thursday, October 03, 2013


Well, the summer's over and I've had lots of fun on a FireBlade, but it's that time of year where I start the annual pilgrimage to Superdream Land. Started this bike in the winter of 2008 and here I am 5 years later without a usable bike. Will this be the year that I crack it? Can I really find out what's ailing the old girl? I feel like that doctor in the program "House" where each episode they struggle to save a dying man and are unable to diagnose the problem(s). Maybe I should get Hugh Laurie to take a look at it :-)

Here today's current state....


Anonymous said...

looks like fuel pump/ line issues, or timing, cant be anything else

Mick Nelson said...

Hi Tom, Really enjoying your (continuing)blog which is very inspiring. I wish my Superdream ran as badly as yours! Also spotted from your older posts that you used to have an MT-01, me too, great bike.


Loren Bosch said...

Very entertaining blog. Close to complete on my '78 CB250n cafe conversion.

I'm from Kenya, where we have issues with fuel quality from time to time. Especially my younger bikes (post '75) seem to be quite sensitive about it.

Have you been using fuel from the same filling station all this time? May be worth emptying out that tank and filling up from somewhere else.

Best of luck .

Anonymous said...

Hi Tom
Its Ian again after a long time, looking at that video I'd say its a fuelling problem going from one jet to another. If your Stator windings are fine, the coils/plugs and caps are good, then it has to be fuel somehow as electrics are ruled out.

Have you checked that the carbs are actually working correctly - diaphragms/sliders are lifting in tandem while its running and opening the throttle ? I'd pull the rubbers off between airbox and the carbs as well. and see how it goes.

Sorry if I'm teaching you to suck eggs etc but I really wanna see this Dream running.

PS. I sold mine after 23 years of ownership and while I was sorry to see it go, the guy that bought it was going to do a full restoration on it so I'm happy :)

Good luck mate

James said...

Love the blog, i've been fixing up my cb250t ready for the road and reading this only makes me wanna do much more work on it.

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