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Thursday, October 18, 2012


My ugly mugshot was chosen to cover the Spec-Sheet on an online magazine called "SHOOT YOUR BIKE". Well, it wasn't so much my mugshot, as my beautiful SuperDream. I was caught on camera riding over the West Pennine Moors sporting my 70's helmet and leather jacket.

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Si Mason - SYB Magazine Owner said...

Tide example that is young sir, and thank you for the plug.

Daniel Hamilton said...

Hi Mate. I have been reading your blog with much interest today as I have just acquired a CB250NA. Its in pretty bad shape, but what can i say.... i like a challenge. It hasn't been started for 7 years and has sat in a shipping container for most of that time. replaced the plugs, put air in the tires, bit of petrol, turned the key and hit the GO button. To my surprise, she kicked over without too much effort and sounds reasonably good. It did cough and splutter and spit out a fair amount of crap from the exhaust but that seemed to clear up after a minute or two. Carbs are overflowing into the air box but im guessing its just a build up of crap sticking the float open. I will be reading over your post while I attempt my first bike refurb! Thanks for the info and keep posting!

Bike Details

Honda CB250N Superdream
Reg No : ORH746W (ORH 746 W)
Reg Date : 1980
Orig Colour : Blue
New Colour : Black
Current Owner : Tom McQuiggan
Current Location : Horwich, Bolton, UK.