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Sunday, April 15, 2012


With the weather being so nice today, I went for a rideout on the old girl. Could only be a quickie because my dog has just had a litter of puppies and unfortunately started to have seizures, so we are hand-rearing half the litter. It's like having a load of babies that demand food every 2 hours. Incredibly tiring!

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that the bike goes very well indeed but it idles like a total pig!! Need to get that sorted. The front brake seems to be getting better and better, so it was after all, just the new pads needing bedding in. The rear brake is spot on.

It was fantastic being out and about again on a bike, even if it was just this old 250. I've missed it so much.

And here's a photo of my beautiful Boxer and her babies....

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Bike Details

Honda CB250N Superdream
Reg No : ORH746W (ORH 746 W)
Reg Date : 1980
Orig Colour : Blue
New Colour : Black
Current Owner : Tom McQuiggan
Current Location : Horwich, Bolton, UK.