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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Letter From Australia!

Maddog, my name is Beau and I am a 25 year old from Australia. Because of this blog I now own a CB250N Superdream that was running perfectly until three weeks ago. It now has a crack around the sump plug in the crank plate and also a tiny rust leak in the fuel tank. Do you know anywhere that I can buy both of these parts new or used? 

Also, I started reading your blog last night and was up till 3.30am doing so this morning it has now made me keen to refurb my whole bike! What you have done inspiers me to go for it. Please continue with your blog and bike, as it is the most interesting and exciting read I have ever had.

Many thanks for the time to say my words
Cheers mate, Beau.


MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Beau! Very nice of you to drop me a line with your kind words. For any spare parts, I use Ebay, or or or but I don't know if that's a viable option for you down under. Good luck anywate mate!

As for me, I'll be returning to the bike when the weather gets a bit warmer - it's freezin in that garage right now :-))



MadDogMcQ said...

Anywate?? Where did that come from? LOL

Klaas De Craemer said...

A simple crack in the sump can be fixed by a good welder. Then you could retap the thread or put a helicoil in it.

Finding a new crank case seems pretty impossible to me.

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