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Monday, April 04, 2011


Well, for whatever reason, I decided to have another play with the SuperDream tonight after work. I pulled the old girl out from the back of the garage and put her in the main area ready to be worked on.

All I did tonight was remove the tank, panels and seat, and then removed the second-hand carbs I got from eBay. They hadn't cured the problem, so I might as well put the refurbished ones back on. With the tank off, I decided to remove the rocker cover and check those valve settings for the 100th time (just to be sure). They were all spot on!

Whilst removing the carbs (jeez - what a tough job), I realised just how hard those rubber inlet stubs had become. I'm gonna have to replace them with £15 replacements from DS. Just ordered them. 

The Naked Lady (Bitch more like!)


Fishbait said...

Good luck Tom. I feel the Force is with you this year.

MadDogMcQ said...

Cheers Fishbait! Let's hope so, LOL.

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Honda CB250N Superdream
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Reg Date : 1980
Orig Colour : Blue
New Colour : Black
Current Owner : Tom McQuiggan
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