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Sunday, April 11, 2010


No day of rest for me! I was in the garage at 8am this morning, sanding, priming and painting bits of brackets and what have you. It's all stuff that should have been done a long time ago and it's now slowing me down. So the only "real" stuff I've done today is fit the seat catch, the side-rails and the rear fender assembly. Doesn't sound much, I know, but it was interspersed with lots of other preparatory work.

The wiring to the rear brakes and indicators was a God-Awful mess, so I ripped it all out and started from scratch. I always feel better when electric cables and connectors are new. If anything fails to work or sets on fire, then there's only myself to blame! Although not shown on here, I also fitted the oil pressure switch and connected up the neutral light today.

I also spent a great deal of time overhauling the front brake Master Cylinder which is in a right old state! Lots of alloy corrosion on the outside and lots of shit and gunk on the inside :-)

Finally, I did something that could have been left until much later, but I brought it forward as a bit of a motivator. Might sound daft, but I installed the clocks today because (in my head) it's a kind of a milestone and makes the bike look much more finished. This will encourage me to keep going. Luckily, I'd spent a lot of time on the clock components previously, so it was just a case of assembling all the bits, testing the 6 bulbs and fitting a brand new ignition lock. Looks pretty good! Yes, I know the bars look crap - I've got some brand new ones on order from Wemoto.

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Honda CB250N Superdream
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