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Monday, April 26, 2010


I really didn't want to spend any more money on this project, but this "5k rev-limiter" problem is not going away. I've ordered a new coil from David Silver, a new battery and I've got this used CDI to install. I will, of course, install each one individually and find out which part cures the problem and report back. Personally, I strongly suspect it's going to be the coil. Luckily, the coil was only £19, but the battery was £30.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,
I will hopefully have a 82 black superdream by the weekend, if i win it, something i'd like to know is what did you do to the clock casing that had been sun damaged, and what about the white lettering on the centre lights between the clocks ?

Regards Phil

MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Phil,
The bottom-half of the sun-baked clock casing was changed for a much better one on eBay. The top-half of it was actually supposed to be "New Old Stock" but when it arrived, it was far from NOS. Mind you it was very good, hence the lovely clear white lettering you speak of.

Good luck with your 82 model. Send some pix.


Dan Kearns'eyy said...

hi tom I live in farnworth and im restoring a 1982 superdream that was a one owner from new with 15000miles on clock. it revs round the clock but under load splutters badly had someone to look at the carbs and im happy to say that the bike now runs like it did when it was new yours mark

Tom McQuiggan said...

Hi Dan,
Nice to hear from you. So who looked at the carbs for you?? Someone local?


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