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Monday, October 08, 2012


While I wait to get around to installing these 2nd hand carbs, I've decided to order even more replacement parts! One thing that I've not mentioned up to now (not sure why cos I'm not trying to hide anything), is the fact that the exhaust system is blowing.

The leaks originate from the collector-box. Although it was in overall "okay" condition, it did have some corrosion damage around the input and output tubes, which result in leaks. Since I've replaced everything else on the bike(!) I decided last night to buy a new collector-box and 4 new seals, plus two new header pipe gaskets.

Why do that now? Well, I met a guy at Rivington Barn on Sunday and he had a CB250NA which was in great condition and when he started it, it struck me just how whisper-quiet it was. I then got to thinking that I should sort mine out plus the leak just might be reducing the back pressure to an extent that it's making the bike run rough. Can't see it, but it needs sorting anyway.

So, I spent another £100 on the above, along with a replacement front brake pistion and seal to sort out that pathetic braking issue that I've written about previously.

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