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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I REALLY didn't want to, but, I felt I had not choice but to remove the carbs again to sort out that leaking float valve. Took them off, fitted an old float and valve from a spare pair of carbs and tested it on a rig before putting them back on the bike.

While they were off, I checked out the jets AGAIN and made sure the sliders were sliding freely. Everything seemed spot on, but upon starting the engine, it's still running like a bag of shite! At least it's not leaking petrol anymore! I'm not going to change the stator until my new friend from Wigan has been.

This is all getting very boring and to prove that it's not just me who thinks so, I got an "Unsubscription" notice today from a follower, so it must be getting bad :-)


matt curtis said...

I'm having exactly the same issues with mine mate.
Had the carbs apart and off a dozen times now, changed float jets today... Still pumping out fuel.
Runs awful too, no matter what I do, it bogs out chronic. Changed plugs, and CDI just in case...Please please please, if you source the problem let me know.

Tom McQuiggan said...

Sure will :-)

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