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Saturday, September 17, 2011


I tried to start the bike today and she just wasn't having it, so I attached the battery-booster and she spluttered into life once more. Once the engine was warm, it ticked over steadily but wasn't revving "perfectly". There was a slight hesitance.

Anyway, I then decided to take some resistance readings from the alternator connectors. They were as follows...

White-Blue = 5.2 Ohms
Green-White = 336 Ohms
Green-L/Blue = 138 Ohms
Green-Pink =  14.9 Ohms
White-Earth = 338 Ohms

So they all seem within range. The surprise came when I took a voltage reading from the white and blue connectors with the engine running - both were around 30odd volts instead of the 90-100v.

Just as I sat there shaking my head, the carb overflow pipes started dripping petrol onto the floor .

I then spent time replacing the Nippondenso CDI for another one, but it made no difference. I checked all the connectors in the ignition circuit, cleaned them with switch-cleaner, checked earths, etc, etc, etc.

What now? I think I'll put the original stator back in for a start, because that looked like brand new and all resistance reading are perfect. The carbs will obviously have to come off again to cure that damned float-valve leak too. After that, I think I'll commit hari-kari!

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Loren Bosch said...

Hi Tom, great blog. I'm in the process of restoring/conveying a '78 CB250n and I'm not getting spark. The stator is my only remaining suspect. I haven't been able to find the resistance outputs for the stator anywhere. Could you tell me what they are?

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