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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


For some inexplicable reason, I bought another engine tonight! Why I did so I do not know, because the one in the Superdream has great compression and should hopefully be up and running pretty soon. Anyway, once it was on the bench I decided to to strip it down and check out the internals.

The camshaft, rockers and chain were all in good condition and when the head came off, it was clear to see that there were no problems with the pistons, rings or bores. I now wondering whether to build it back up and sell it or just keep it as a spare. 

Garage is looking a bit tatty - need to have a Spring Clean I reckon! My son has sold his ZXR400 so I can now reclaim my garage in its entirety and should be able to find things where I left them :-)


Ian said...

What I wouldnt give for space like that ... "green with envy"

sgbg08157 said...

love your workshop, bet it took a few years to get it the way you have now.

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