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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today an anonymous follower sent me photos of his own CB250N Refurb, so I thought I'd post it on here. If you want to see more of it, click on the photo.


Ian said...

lol my Slug is famous. He does looks better in the flesh tho as the piccies dont really do it justice. I'd like the time and money to do a tidier job but I have a new baby now ... a 650 Bandit that Im enjoying too much hehe. Cheers Tom matey

Klaas De Craemer said...

Isn't this a 400N? Because I see two front brake discs and a black engine block...

Ian said...

It is a 250 Klass, with a CX500 front end. I got knocked off it in 1991 (hence the skuff marks on the left of the speedo clocks plastic) and the front end got totalled and I had the chance of a twin disk front so I grabbed it.
The black engine block is a result of a bad winter, even tho everything was polished and WD40'd the aluminium all furred up and looked hideous. I prefer the look of the later Dreams anyway with the black block and polished cam cover so I went with that.
I have spare side panels and a petrol tank Im going to do in Blue so the engine block may well revert to shiny metal yet (or get some Sperex as Tom has done)
I wish it was a 400. Not many engines come up for sale these days and theres the problem of changing all the electrics as well so Im staying with a 250 ... for now lol. Cheers guys
(sorry for hijacking your blog Tom)

mike said...

Where can I get Sperex paint from I am from cheshire area and rebuilding a superdream.enjoy reading your blog
cheers Mike

MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Mike, Halfrauds sell it (or did when I last went). Alternatively, you could easily purchase it from Ebay.



mike said...

Thanks tom will try this weekend

Bike Details

Honda CB250N Superdream
Reg No : ORH746W (ORH 746 W)
Reg Date : 1980
Orig Colour : Blue
New Colour : Black
Current Owner : Tom McQuiggan
Current Location : Horwich, Bolton, UK.