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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


I have STILL not spent any more time on the CB250. Just too damned busy with other things. I was thinking of putting it on Ebay as one of those famous "unfinished projects". I'd lose a fortune, but losing money is no stranger to me :-)

Any offers?


Klaas De Craemer said...
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Klaas De Craemer said...

You know you will regret it forever when it's gone :)

Just hold on to it. At some point, you'll have time (and interest) again.

Anonymous said...

Wot Klaas said ....

MadDogMcQ said...

Thx guys. In fact I got a few emails too, saying the same thing. One of them (Roy Cornwell) said he'd had EXACTLY the same problem and got some "known to be working" carbs from a breaker and after fitting them, everything was fine. He pointed out that his own carbs had been fitted with all new parts and should have worked fine, but they just didn't!

So, I've bought a supposedly working pair of carbs from eBay and when they arrive, I'll fit them and post the results.

IanPike said...

Hi Tom,

Have been running arround on mine, though I must admit over the last two weekends I have become an expert at removing the carbs!!!!! and yes they are coming off again this weekend. Took the bike out last night and can not get the tick over below 4000RPM! I think the choke is stuck, I am going for carbs off in under 10 Mins tonight.

MadDogMcQ said...

Haahahaha. Yes Ian, I too am getting a bit of an expert at it LOL. Mind you, I've managed to scratch the frame :-(

CB Paul said...

I have just rebuilt my CB250N. Just got it MOT but having the same problem as the bike won't rev over 5000rpm and the plugs are sooty. Adjusted mixtures, new air filter, plugs, oil and even the carbs as the old carbs had the slow running jets blocked. Bike starts on the button but I cannot get past 35mph. It seems like we are all having the same sort of problems, I was told to temporarily remove air filter to see if the bike improved, if so it's down to fuelling, any help appreciated. Don't give up on your bike.

Bazzer440 said...

Hi I have been re-building a 1978 cb250n since last july , I am now getting worried after having followed your blogs for so long it encouraged me to put in more and more into my own rebuild , the big but is Ive yet to try to get it to run, spent rather a lot so far
much like yourself on a good paintjob etc bring it all back to standard condition or better than it left the factory
perhaps I better try and make it work before sending any more parts to be platers
keep on trying love your blogs and your 450
all the best from a seventies biker in pompey

MadDogMcQ said...

Thx guys. Spent a little more time in the garage with no results. We'll get there in the end I'm sure. LOL

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