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Sunday, November 15, 2009


Well, after a long break, I've eventually dragged myself back into the garage and started to work on the bike again. I unravelled the wiring loom from its storage box and did some minor repairs (soldering breaks and remaking new joints) before re-taping it all from one end to the other.

I now have to refer to the myriad photos I took during the stripdown to help me to fit the loom in the correct place and to follow the correct routing.

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MadDogMcQ said...

Ronan Malone, who has a similar project on the go, was telling me that he was dreading starting on the engine and was asking how I degreased mine.

I told him that I bought a gallon of COMMA HYPERCLEAN from a local motor-factor and made a "degreasing bath" for all the bits and bats.

After removing the casings and plugging breather holes, etc, I then applied the degreaser fluid liberally using a 2" brush, before rinsing it all off with a hose.

Hyperclean is excellent stuff, but be sure to use heavy rubber gloves.


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