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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Since breaking up for Xmas, I've been spending a lot of time out on the Yam, so the Honda project has been ignored. I kept going into the garage to have a look for something to do, but couldn't really get motivated. I knew that the thing which would make me feel like I'd moved forward significantly, would be the refitting of the front end, so with miserable grey clouds in the sky, I decided to stay indoors today and crack on with the job.
Also did a bit of work on the engine. Wonder if that 1700 would go in the frame? LOL


Ewan said...

Hi there. I have recently be following your blog as I am rebuilding a 79 superdream CB250 into a cafe racer. I am up to this point in dismantling the bike and I have a quick question I hope you can answer. Can you remove the front forks from the frame without dismantling the forks? I just want to remove it all in one peice from the headstock. Cheers.

MadDogMcQ said...

Hi Ewan,
Sure, you can remove the front forks without a complete stripdown. Just take the front wheel off, unbolt the brake caliper and mudguard, undo the chrome nuts on the top yoke, slacken the bottom yoke pinch-bolts and drop the forks out.

Bike Details

Honda CB250N Superdream
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Reg Date : 1980
Orig Colour : Blue
New Colour : Black
Current Owner : Tom McQuiggan
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