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Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Took a day off work today and managed to complete the frame. The finish is pretty satisfactory with a smooth satin finish and when it's hardened off completely, I'll give it a polishing to bring it up to a nice sheen (well certainly in the parts which will be exposed to criticism) LOL. Next job will be the front forks.


The Old Nail said...

Here's a tip that might come in handy.
When/if using Hammerite paint don't apply the spray stuff over the tinned variety, they are not compatible!

I was surprised to hear that as I thought that using smoothrite brush on then a top coat of spray to get a final even finish would be a good thing.

Did you use an etch primer before the U/coat?

MadDogMcQ said...

Heehee, funny you should mention that, cos on the backside of my garage door is a number of test-patches showing that not only is Hammerite incompatible with it's own products(!), but it also reacts badly with Japlac. As soon as they make contact with one another, they crinkle and flake BIG TIME.

Luckily, I first discovered this after brush-painting an exhaust bracket with Japlac and then oversprayed it with Smooth Hammerite. Aaaaagh! That's when I decided to do the test-patches.

As for etch-primer, I've only used it on absolute bare metal. For example,rather than polish the grubby front forks, I sanded them down with 1200 Wet & Dry, applied two coats of etch-primer (£11 from Halfrauds) and then sprayed a few coats of silver. IMHO they look far better than polishing.

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